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Date : 03/04/2024

The IQAC committee has been reconstituted with the following members:

S.No Name Designation Role
A Chairperson: Head of the Institution
Prof. Gopal Pathak Vice Chancellor Chairperson
B Director of IQAC
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Business Management Director
C Coordinator of IQAC
Dr. Nitya Garg Assistant Professor, Physics Coordinator
D Members from the Management
Mr. Parveen Kumar PAO Member
E Senior Administrative Officer
1 Dr. Pankaj Goswami Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences Member
2 Dr. Ashok Asthana DSW Member
3 Dr. Arabinda Bhandari Deputy Controller of Examination Member
4 Mr. Prateek Accounts Officer Member
5 Mr. Aditya Vikkram Verma IT Head Member
F Teachers at all levels
1 Dr. Goutam Tanty Associate Dean, Commerce and Business Management Member
2 Dr. Biswarup Samanta HOD, Computer Science and Computer Application Member
3 Dr. Ria Mukherjee Associate Dean, Humanities and Linguistics Member
4 Dr. Shailesh Naryan Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
5 Dr. Manoj Pandey Associate Professor, ECE Member
6 Dr. Atul Karn Coordinator, Ph.D. Cell Member
7 Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Member
8 Mr. Chandan Kumar Assistant Professor, EEE Member
9 Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Assistant Professor, Law Member
G Member from Local Society/ Students/Alumni
1 Ms. Purvi Singh-6206444392 BBA Member
2 Mayank Bhartiya-8825282506 MBA [SBU221388] Member
3 Sagar Kumar Khosla-7979906074 MBA Member
H Nominee from Employers/Industrialists/ Stakeholders
Dr. Mayank Murari-9308270103 Sr. DGM, Usha Martin Limited, Ranchi
I Other Office Bearers
1 Mr. Anubhav Ankit OSD to V.C Member
2 Mr. Amit Gupta Deputy Registrar Member Secretary
Departmental Coordinators: There will be a Departmental Coordinator in each department for supply of information as per discussion with Director, IQAC.
IQAC Office: The IQAC shall have the following functionaries for performing day-to-day activities.
  • Mr. Dilip Mahto-Programmer, IT Cell
  • Mr. Umang Utsav- Office Assistant
  • Mr. Sumit Kumar Gond-Attendant-IV

Date : 16/03/2022

The IQAC committee has been reconstituted with the following members:

S No. Name Designation
1 Prof. Gopal Pathak Vice Chancellor - Chairperson
2 Prof. V. K. Singh Registrar
3 Dr. S. B. Dandin
4 Prof. Sanjeev Bajaj
5 Dr. Ashok Asthana
6 Dr. Megha Sinha
7 Dr. Ria Mukherjee
8 Prof. Rahul Vats
9 Dr. Mridanish Jha
10 Dr. Jeeva Chithhambram
11 Prof. R. N. Kumar Department of Civil & Environment Science, BIT Mesra
12 Prof. Manoj Kumar Department of Life Sciences, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi
13 Prof. S. Madhekhar Department of Physics, Central Jharkhand, Ranchi University of
14 Mr. Amit Gupta Deputy Registrar
15 Dr. Nitya Garg Coordinator
16 Dr. Manoj Pandey Director IQAC - Member Secretary

Date : 03/03/2021

The IQAC committee has been constituted with the following members:

S No. Name Designation
1 Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2 Dr Pradip Kumar Varma Chief Executive Officer, SBU
3 Registrar Member Secretary
4 Manager (P&A) Member
5 Mr Narahari Das Chief Finance & Accounts Officer
6 Dr TP Barnwal Chairman, Jharkhand State Pharmacy Council
7 Mrs Subani Bara Principal, MBINCT, Ranchi
8 Mr Shridhar B Dandin Dean (Engg & App Sc.)
9 Mr Sanjeev Bajaj Dean (ID&CS)
10 Dr Radha Madhab Jha Associate Dean (Humanities)
11 Dr Partha Paul Associate Dean (Engg & App Sc.)
12 Mr Ashok Kumar Asthana DSW
13 Dr Megha Sinha Program Coordinator, CSE Dept
14 Dr Puja Mishra Program Coordinator, Department of Management
15 Dr Sanjeev Kumar Program Coordinator, ECE/EE Dept.
16 Dr Sandeep Kumar Program Coordinator, BBA
17 Mr Mridanish Jha Program Coordinator, BBA
18 Mr KRR Parashar Program Coordinator, Yoga
19 Mr KP Singh Program Coordinator, B.Com
20 Dr Nitya Garg Program Coordinator, App Sc.
21 Dr Amrita Sarkar Program Coordinator, BCA
22 Dr Ria Mukherjee Program Coordinator, English Dept.
23 Mr Manish Kumar Agrawal Program Coordinator, Diploma (Mechanical)
24 Mr Rajeev Ranjan Program Coordinator, Engineering (Mechanical)
25 Dr Vikas Kumar Vidyarthi Program Coordinator, Civil Dept
26 Dr B C Sinha Associate Prof-C&M
27 Dr Alokesh Banerjee Head-Training
28 Ms LG Honey Singh Coordinator BBA CM
29 Mr Rahul Vats Dy. COE
30 Anshuman Keshri Student-MBA
31 Ms Anjali Agrawal Student-B.Tech
32 Ms Aditi Singh Student-B.Tech
33 Angel Student-Diploma
34 Ritika Student B.Com
35 Mr Priyanshu Student-BBA
36 Rishika Sinha Student - BA
37 Ms Madhumita Sahu Student - Yoga