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Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences


The Faculty Of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Sarala Birla University is committed to prepare technology leaders for tomorrow with innovative curriculum and meticulous pedagogy for training. The programmes offered are unique in their right and fall in line with international practices. The efforts travel beyond classrooms and encompass trends and practices through research and modular training at par with some of the best institutions of national and international repute.

The Faculty encourages graduates to opt for courses from different streams which shall not restrict them to one area but open new avenues in their field of interest. Faculty members are encouraged to use innovative tools in their teaching. Faculty ensure that graduate students possess necessary skills like Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Collaboration.

It offers innovative and interdisciplinary programmes, complemented by experiential learning in real world situation that allow our students to combine classroom learning and their exposure to the industry to understand current trends in their field of interest and expertise.

Students can apply the basic knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Technology. Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems, Work with modern engineering instrumentation, software and hardware, communicate effectively with different levels of people in the workplace, Recognize the need for life-long learning, and cultivate the aptitude and capacity to do so. 

Years: 3


Years: 3