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Faculty of Legal Studies


Provide the students with training that emphasizes justice-oriented Law and cultivates global competence.


At the core of our mission lies the goal of instilling cultural, moral, and ethical values within our students. We strive to equip them with the latest legal knowledge and updates, aiming to shape them into lawyers who are socially conscious, judges who possess sound judgment, and bureaucrats who are empathetic and compassionate.


Earning a degree from Sarala Birla University goes beyond just becoming a qualified lawyer; it equips you with a valuable set of additional skills and knowledge that are essential in various aspects of life. Our integrated LLB programs in BBA+LL.B, B.Com.+LL.B, and BA+LL.B combine rigorous academics with practical legal skills, all within a professional environment. Whether you have a strong commitment to becoming a lawyer or are considering exploring other career paths, our programs provide you with a solid foundation.

If your passion lies in the legal profession or excelling as a lawyer, this degree is a perfect fit for you. However, if your sights are set on a career in politics, business, journalism, or any other field, the transferable skills you acquire through your law degree will serve as an excellent launching pad for these ambitions and more. Through our professionally focused qualification, you can expect to gain practical skills while also keeping an eye on your future employability. Our integrated LL.B. program offers flexibility, allowing you to specialize further in areas that interest you, with opportunities to study subjects ranging from Business Law to International Law.

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