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Faculty of Commerce & Management


The Faculty of Commerce and Management of Sarala Birla University, believes in developing and nurturing global competencies in students through quality education, research and continuous innovation. It provides a proficient environment to nurture commerce and management professionals with a high level of knowledge and competence to effectively contribute to society with commitment and integrity. The Sarala Birla University provides platforms for innovation, nurture skills and build leaders through various academic and co-curricular activities. It offers a rigorous curriculum combining studies in management and economics for an enriched professional undergraduate experience. The program explores the role of commerce in modern society while developing skill and confidence in analysis, effective communications and decision making. 

The Faculty of Commerce and Management aims to promote the development of socio- economically sensitive, responsible and effective managers and management academicians of tomorrow. It also aims at expanding the scope of application of management concepts towards

  • Infrastructural, institutional, Environmental & Developmental services
  • Entrepreneurship and emerging areas like Business Incubation
  • University Industry Partnership
  • Research and Development
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Enhancement of quality research skills among the Ph.D. scholars,

Years: 3


Years: 2


Years: 3