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Hostel Facilities


Accommodation is provided for both female and male students of all the courses based on availability, permitted in the hostel according to the availability of beds.


  • The hostel has rooms of varying sizes, both single and double occupancy and most rooms have attached bathrooms.
  • Mess facility available for all meals. There is a TV available in the mess hall for the common use of students.
  • Study hall for the use of students and round-the-clock internet facility is provided.
  • Housekeeping staff for room cleaning.
  • Laundry facility (additional charges applicable)
  • Hot water facility.
  • Water purifier with RO technology.
  • 24 hours security personnel.
  • Hostel subscription to two newspapers as well as individual newspaper subscriptions on request (additional charges applicable).


  1. Every student desirous of staying in the hostel shall fill up a separate hostel admission form giving his/her full details, photograph and his/her parent's and local guardian details along with their address, telephone numbers and two passport size photo-graphs.
  2. He/She will also tender a security deposit of Rs.5000/- which shall be refundable to the student at the time of leaving the hostel, if there are no dues or penalties outstanding against him/her.
  3. Hostel accommodation shall be allotted to the students for a period of one year, during which they shall not be ordinarily allowed to vacate in the midterm. However, under exceptional circumstances, students may be allowed to vacate hostel on payment of one full year term hostel charges. A student once admitted in the hostel, will continue to be a hostel inmate throughout the year unless otherwise debarred from the hostel on disciplinary or other grounds.
  4. All boarders are required to pay 6 months hostel fee & mess charges in advance and after the expiry of this period they are required to pay for next 6 months fee within a week, failing which they shall be liable to pay fines and may also be expelled from the hostel and mess services shall be discontinued. Annual Hostel Fee will be Rs. 96000/-.
  5. Every student should stay in the room allotted to him/her. Mutual exchange of rooms after final allotment is not allowed. However, only the Hostel Superintendent may allow as a special case on valid and reasonable ground. Violation of this rule will be considered an act of gross misconduct and entail appropriate disciplinary action including expulsion from Hostel and imposition of heavy fine.
  6. Every student must be acquainted with all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. He / She must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.
  7. Boarders must look up the Hostel Notice Board regularly. The Warden Team member or any authorized member of the Institute staff can inspect the room of any student in the hostel at any time. Hostel inmates are supposed to keep I-cards with them and must present the same to any hostel or institute authority whenever asked for. Students must always carry their Identity Cards with them.
  8. No Boarders should see the Vice Chancellor/Registrar for ordinary matters. Warden of the concerned hostel block is the right person for such matters. In next step they can approach to the Hostel Superintendent.
  9. Students are not allowed to consume alcohol, narcotic drugs, cigarettes, tobacco in any form, gutkha, paan masala or any intoxicating substance in the hostel premises. If anyone is found using these substances, he/she will be fined heavily and he/she may also be expelled from the hostel.
  10. No boarder is allowed to keep any personal electrical equipment like iron, heater, immersion rod, cooler, TV, geyser etc. in the hostel. Any unauthorized possession of these articles will lead to seizure of the article and imposition of heavy fines. Use of any electrical appliances except mobile-charger is strictly prohibited.
  11. Lights and fans to be switched off when no one is in the room. It shall also be duty of the boarders to keep their rooms and hostel premises clean and free from any damage.
  12. No other objectionable items like sharp edged weapons, arms, ammunitions, obscene materials/photographs, objectionable literature etc., are allowed to be kept in the hostel premises.
  13. Rough handling of room/dining hall furniture or any furniture/property or fittings of the hostel is strictly forbidden. If any individual or group is identified to have caused the damage, double the cost of the damaged property will be recovered from the individual/group by way of penalties. Repetition of damage to the hostel property will result in expulsion from the hostel.
  14. The hostellers themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their belongings. They are not allowed to keep huge amounts of cash or valuables like gold ornaments/ costly wristwatch/mobiles/camera etc., in their rooms. In case of theft or loss of any item the hostel authorities/institute will not be responsible for such loss. The hostellers are advised to keep their belongings in personal lock and key.
  15. It is mandatory for students residing in the Hostel to join the mess attached to the hostel. Hostellers are required to dine in the dining hall. No hosteller is permitted to take food in the room except for those reported sick with prior permission of hostel warden. Indoor cooking including making of tea/coffee in the rooms is strictly prohibited. The hostellers shall not waste food, electricity or water.
  16. Gambling in any form such as Playing Cards (even without money at stake), betting etc. is strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in the use of such things will not only be asked to vacate the hostel but may also be rusticated from the University/Institute.
  17. All visitors to the hostel including the parents/guardian will have to take permission from the Hostel Superintendent to meet their ward. Visitors shall be allowed only on Sundays. They shall be required to make necessary entries in the visitors' book available with the security personnel at the institute entrance.
  18. Students should not keep any unauthorized guests in his/her room. No person, either guest or otherwise shall be permitted to stay overnight in any part of the hostel. In case, guests want to stay overnight in the hostel, he/she should take permission from Hostel Superintendent/Hostel Warden.
  19. The usual institute timings are 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel during the class hours unless the stay is unavoidable due to illness or any other valid reason. In such cases they should take the permission from the Warden in writing.
  20. No student shall leave the hostel without prior permission of the hostel warden.
  21. All students will report for the Roll Call every day as per prescribed timings.
  22. No student shall remain absent from the hostel during night between 7.00 pm to 6.00am.
  23. Hostellers are also not allowed to go outside during the day during University hours. Due to any urgent reasons, Hostel boys may however be allowed to go outside the campus between 4pm to 7pm only with prior permission from the hostel warden.
  24. Students having any Chronic/Communicable disease are not allowed to stay in hostel. They should inform their parents/guardian immediately and parents/guardian should arrange for their medical treatment.
  25. Discussion on politics, caste and religion is highly prohibited in the hostel campus.
  26. All boarders are required to make their own arrangement for personal utility items including bedding, pillow, bed sheet, blankets, mosquito net, bucket, mug, torch, emergency light etc.
  27. Ragging is Strictly Prohibited: Ragging in any form i.e. making unpleasant noise, disorderly conduct, doing any act which causes or likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear of shame or an embarrassment to the new student whether by words, spoken or written or by an act which include teasing, abusing, playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to such students or asking the new student to do any act or to perform such things which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly to do is strictly forbidden. If anyone is found guilty of directly/indirectly involved or abetting in ragging he will be punished/rusticated/ expelled/suspended from the institute and also liable to prosecution in terms of the Supreme Court of India decision on Writ Petition No. (C) 656/1998. Ragging is now a crime. No one can feign ignorance of the law. Under the prohibition of ragging Act 1997 those who indulge in ragging can be punished. Jail for ragging is for period from six months to 10 years & fine up to Rs. 50,000/-
  28. Violation of any of the hostel rules shall make the student liable to imposition of heavy fines. Any serious violation of hostel rules may result into making the student liable to disciplinary action including permanent expulsion from the hostel and/or University.
  29. University reserves the right to add, delete or alter any of the hostel rules at any point of time and that it shall be binding upon all the boarders of SBU hostels.


  1. No girl boarder is allowed to go outside the hostel, except for regular classes in the University, without prior permission of the hostel warden. And if allowed to go to the market for buying any essential items, the same shall be done in the company of any faculty member residing in the girls' hostel only on Sundays.
  2. Every boarder shall avail the services of the University bus compulsorily for commuting between hostel and University, the necessary charges for which has to be paid.
  3. Every boarder shall avail the services of the University canteen compulsorily, the charges for which shall have to be paid. Every girl is required to make her own arrangement for lunch box and personal utility items including bedding, pillow, bed sheet, blankets, mosquito net, bucket, mug, torch, emergency light etc.
  4. All boarders of the girls hostel shall give a declaration of their parents/guardians (maximum two in numbers) alongwith their photographs and mobile numbers, with whom they shall be allowed to meet during visiting hours on Sundays.
  5. Girls shall be allowed to leave the hostel only during long vacations, only in the company of their parents or authorized guardians. It will be responsibility of the boarder to get their identity verified.
  6. If any girl boarder informs of any exigency situation due to which she is compelled to leave hostel midterm, the same may be allowed only after duly verifying the same from her parents and on written undertaking by the boarder/local guardian.
  7. All the common rules as mentioned above shall be applicable to girls' hostel as well.