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From the Desk of Honorable Vice-Chancellor

"आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः"
(Let noble thoughts come to us from every side)

Sarala Birla University, Ranchi epitomizes this Rigvedic hymn as I see a distinct vibrancy characterizing its functioning. Despite its glorious legacy and a trusted brand image in the field of education, SBU exhibits a zest similar to a young pupil, willing to learn and grow every day. This persistent striving for high academic standard assures me of the brighter future of the university.

In its pursuance of global standards of excellence, Sarala Birla University offers a platform where students are not only imparted curriculum-based education, but are also provided exposure to national and international developments in the academia and the industry. Instead of mere fact- feeding, our pedagogical methods aim to bring out the best from the students by fuelling their calibre with creativity and craftsmanship. As the Vice-Chancellor, I particularly take pride in the fact that with all its zeal for innovation, SBU remarkably remains rooted to tradition by holistically developing the skills and conscience of the students based on the Indian value system. Students must feel proud of Social, Ethical and Moral values of our system.

Sarala Birla University promotes a culture of learning where knowledge is accompanied by prudence, research and creativity are supported by strong academic integrity and personal development comes with a sense of social responsibility. As SBU seeks to establish strong liaison between the academia, industry and the business sector, I hope we reinvent education with all patience and perseverance, and make this young institution a national pride.

Prof. Gopal Pathak