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Faculty of Humanities and Linguistics


Faculty of Humanities and Linguistics is dedicated to systematic and scholarly study of contemporary social, political, psychological and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, keeping in mind social relevance, applicability and pragmatic utility in the Indian and international content of social sciences. The Faculty admits students at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels and encourages Ph.D. and quality research work. One may find a psychologist, sociologist, linguist or a journalism expert working hand in hand.

The Department of Yogic Sciences and Naturopathy offers Diploma, Under Graduate & Post Graduate Programme. The duration of Diploma in Yoga & Fitness Trainer is 1 Year, B.Sc. in Yogic Science is 3 Years, M.Sc. in Yogic Science is 2 Years and Certificate course in Yoga is 6 months online course. In the field of Integrative Medicine, this covers the study of Naturopathy Medicine and Modern Medicine as Integrative Medicine and Therapeutic Yoga. The curriculum is taught in English with additional language like Sanskrit & Hindi too by the University.

Years: 3

Certificate Programme in French Language

A1 Level | A2 Level | B1 Level | B2 Level

Duration: 6 Months