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Our Cafeteria

Sarala Birla University has a well established Cafeteria located on the campus providing wide range of foods to the students and staff. The food offered by the Cafeteria is hygienic and it helps the students and staff members of the university to fulfil their need for food of their choice.

The canteen is the most important place on campus for many students! Here, you can have a good, reasonable meal or a quick snack, study together, or just take a break. Provision of meal is provided for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Once you have decided which meal to have, you must pay for your meal and have it on daily basis per meal or if you pay monthly, the exact amount will be debited automatically.

At the buffet or free-flow area various dishes are offered: salad, vegetables, non-veg etc. The menus are available at lunchtime. During the regular work days of the university, (other than vacations and weekends) you can eat in the cafeteria.