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The Board of Management of Sarala Birla University considered and approved the proposal for creation of the “International Relations Division” at the University.

Dr P S Bhatnagar, Ex Director, BKBIET, Pilani will be the Advisor

Prof Shridhar B Dandin, Associate Professor (CS Dept) and Dean (Engineering & Applied Sciences) will be the incharge of International Relations Division. The other members of the Division include:

  • Prof Rahul Vats
  • Prof Megha Sinha
  • Prof Ashok Asthana
  • Prof Manish Agarwal
  • Dr Ria Mukherjee
  • Mrs D Amba

The Division shall be responsible to :

  • Work toward creating partnership with international institutions of higher education and learning for exchange of scholars, students and knowledge systems
  • Identify and create opportunities for SBU faculty members and, researchers to acquire valuable experience in foreign countries (i.e., participate in ‘exchanges’) or to otherwise benefit from interaction with their counterparts abroad (e.g., through online and virtual interaction);
  • Collaborative research and teaching
  • Prepare strategies for and facilitate agreements with international institutions for joint research and projects;
  • Identify institutions and help develop collaborations on e-learning platforms and other innovative educational technologies.
  • Prepare and approve official proposals and contracts for the University’s international activities.
  • Mediate between the different units of the University to facilitate international activities and interact with outside personnel and agencies.
  • Guide the students to secure visas, other permits for both ‘incoming’ and ‘outgoing’ personnel and other facilitating work for the movement of students and faculty abroad,
  • Work with the relevant authorities of the host/receiving institutions
  • Help provide documents (e.g., identification cards, library permits) needed for their work at the host institution.

n+i : SBU has signed MOU with n+i for student exchanges and higher studies abroad (Network n+i is a France based not-for-profit association which links together French 50 higher education institutions in all areas of Engineering)

The Division is on its way towards having more such MOUs with Foreign Universities.

Introduction of French Language Course at SBU

French Language is now the second most widely spoken language in the world. SBU has started French language course for its students to help them attain the minimal conversational level. It is taught as a regular subject in one full semester.