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The MBA program with 360-degree education

360-degree education sets it apart. The course of MBA at SBU, Ranchi is different because of its unique approach. While most institutes focus on various other aspects to attract students, SBU, Ranchi aims at creating a knowledge economy with integration of academia and industry to nurture global leaders who are closely connected to the roots and are creative, dynamic and enlightened.

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Enroll for B.Tech @SBU

Engineering is an evolving stream. It is one of the most popular professional fields with impact on our daily lives because of advanced technological applications. Industry-fit candidates with rich practical knowledge secure coveted jobs. There is a steady demand for quality engineers in multiple industries year after year. What matters more is the university from where the candidates have acquired their B.Tech degree. Hence, Sarala Birla University, Ranchi is where the future of engineering education lies.

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BBA in Capital Markets

Make your career bullish
Enroll for BBA in Capital Markets

Pursue the BBA course in Capital Markets offered by Sarala Birla University, Ranchi. Realise your long-cherished dream of entering the world of stocks/ shares, creating wealth and managing portfolios on behalf of clients. The course, designed with inputs from BSE Institute Ltd, meets the industry needs. With 360- degree education making candidates market ready for managerial roles, this degree course is perfect for those who are looking for a promising career in the capital markets.

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